A pattern of parrots

Colour, shape, pattern.  I love playing with them.  Bright, beautiful colours to brighten my day!

This is my green parrot pattern, inspired by the pretty little budgie that kept me company when I was little.

He was called Billy, had the brightest green and blue feathers on his wings you’ve ever seen and loved to fly free. The colours are taken from those of the great green macaw, a stunningly beautiful parrot.  And you can buy them from LyricalSixties at Zazzle.

You can choose from a black or white t-shirt and there are matching leggings too.  The white shirt has text you can personalise.  The one you see here reads “I love parrots”, but it’s easy to change to your own words.  You can change the t-shirt style and colour too, there are lots to choose from.

I love parrots - lots of parrots pattern T-Shirt

I really like the dramatic effect of the pattern on a black t-shirt.  And, of course, you get Zazzle quality.

The leggings are custom made, every pair of leggings is printed before being sewn, so you don’t get gaps in the pattern – every square inch is patterned.  They’re made with a medium weight fabric that is sturdy, yet breathable, and it stretches to fit your body.  They hug you in all the right places and bounce back after washing. These are leggings you can wear time after time and they won’t lose their shape.

They’re great for yoga or workout classes!

And there’s more, check out these great parrot designs too – the link takes you to a whole pageful of pretty parrot products …

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