Krazy keyboards

Zazzlicious – Krazy Keyboards!

Wow, what a great new product from Zazzle – custom printed wireless keyboards.  I love them!  Here’s one I created using the Union Jack:

2017-04-17 16_44_26-Union Jack with a rough edge Wireless Keyboard _ Zazzle

Union Jack wireless keyboard

They really are the perfect accessory to your computer!

The wireless keyboard features a 102 key layout with a numeric pad for speedy number crunching.  But best of all, you can have any design you want.  You can have your favourite family photo, or remind yourself of a fantastic holiday.  Perhaps you’d rather have something more abstract?  Well, there are lots to find on Zazzle.

I designed a few using my top popular photos and artwork, here they are …  What d’you think?

Yup, krazy!  You can find them at LyricalSixties Zazzle Store

These keyboards are also great for showcasing beautiful photos, as I did with these, from  Tony’s Photos .  They make great gifts too, say a steam train for a train buff, or kiteboard sails for a kiteboarder, or – well, you get the idea.

And my favourite?  It must be this one, because it features Greece, my favourite holiday destination.  It’s a photo of the Little Venice area of Mykonos, taken last year on a day trip to Mykonos when we overwintered in Syros, in the Cyclades.

2017-04-17 16_52_12-Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece Wireless Keyboard _ Zazzle

Little Venice, Mykonos, Wireless Keyboard

You can see all these and more at my Krazy Keyboard Collection

Thanks for popping by!

Product spec

Device Type: Wireless Keyboard

The perfect accessory to your computer! This wireless keyboard features a 102 key layout with numeric pad for speedy number crunching. Add a stylish accent to your desktop with your design!

Dimensions: 17.75″w x 6.75″l x 0.75″h
Easy plug and play installation with included USB dongle
PC and Mac friendly
Low-battery LED indicator
Low-profile keys for extreme speed and comfort while typing
Printed using Direct UV on a white base; the print covers the entire front surface of the keyboard, including keys, in the vibrant colors of your chosen design
2 AAA batteries included
2.4g RF USB Transmitter

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